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    • First try of a progress bar without popup. The progress bar will now be shown as an overlay using DIV ... unfortunately this does not work with Opera.
    • Addition of a virtual button. Pressing the 'Enter'-Key should now make a refresh instead of opening the editor.
    Thank you very much for all the nice emails, donations and for visiting our sponsors during the last months. Last week we extended our network by an absolute top domain.
    • Our new domain has been activated
    • Up- and download is now limited to 200 Mb. Due to a small bug only 60 Mb had been possible until now.
    • During a Zip-Upload existing files will be overwritten
    • Included a new counter without popups
    • Changed limit for up- and download to 120 Mb.
    • Replaced all cwd("..") by the complete path. This should solve all incompatibilities with some servers.
    • Removed the counter as it caused popups
    • Changed ".." to fullpath as not all servers understand this shortcut
    • Translation of our turkish page
      My thanks to Mr. Roland John and his wife from for this great help
    • some work on the template system
    • translation of to portuguese.
      Thank you very much Charles Henrique (
    • correction of the bad english of the security page. My thanks to this unknown person
    • The main parts of our spanish site are now translated
    • Thank you very much Neftalí Noé Yaguas Linares ( for the translation of this service into spanish
    • Removed the "DIV" for the filelist in advanced mode as selection of all files with the mouse was not possible
    • in advanced mode the directory path is divided in small buttons.
    • Clicking on one of these buttons will send a changedir to this location
    • The main parts of our italien site have been translated
    • Many thanks to Gabriele for her kind help
    • there is now a "Classic" and a "Advanced" mode. Standard is the classic layout. By selecting the "advanced" field you can switch to the new mode.
    • the textbuttons were replaced by icons.
    • How to use;
    •   1. select the files   2. then type the value e.g. the new file name into the textfield. If the function does not need any value,     let this field empty.   3. after this click on the button for the function The main diffrence is, that there are now only 2 textfields for all the functions Javascript helps you by pasting the right values into the fields if you click on the filelist
    • modified again the whole code for the new mode
    • The new version from yesterday did not work with Opera. Now it should run now with all browsers.
    • As there were so many requests for a detailed listing of the files I did a new version
    • Because of the poor HTML language I had to use spaces to make a multi column layout
    • added an additional "hidden" textfield "logout". Now you can make your own web2ftp.
    • easily modify the code from "Partner" and integrate it on your homepage
    • worked hard on the parsing function for the filelist. The information from the server is now analyzed using regular expressions.
    • For the future, new structures can be easily implemented with this system The used filter is shown in the headline
    • security improvements, moved the main code to protected area, now only works as a loader
    • added "tab" to the text area by javascript (only works with IE)
    • thank you Linh
    • internal changes using header and footer for faster updates
    • added a donation link
    • has been registered and is online
    • has been registered and is online
    • is fully installed, the registration should be completed the next days
    • every domain has now its own IP address
    • is now fully translated
    • my thanks to Maxime and Lionel for their kind help
    • changed the layout of the html-pages
    • first try of a new logo. The old one needed too much space
    • added a time information to the script
    • internal changes on the template system for more languages
    • has now a real SSL certificate with an own IP Number
    • Fixed some problems with spaces in filenames. There was only one space possible until now.
    • Bugfix: Download was not possible if one file was not accessible
    • added a Javascript check when logging in. You will get a message if Javascript is disabled in your browser
    • some changes of the layout
    • If selecting linenumbers, every 25th linenumber is a small button allowing you to save the actual file without needing to scroll to the top of the screen
    • Our french site has been registered and is now online. The french translation is coming soon
    • Internal introduction of a template system for different languages
    • removed the "save without exit" button because the other function is better
    • First attempt with line numbers for editing.
    • The numbers will appear in a table on the left side of the textarea. Until now I have found no other possibility because of the poor html syntax.
    • Changed the position of the download-link to the left window
    • max. download size now 60 Mb
    • Added "save without exit1" to the editor. This should keep the editor at the same text position und does not reload the page. If it is working for you I will remove the button I did yesterday and keep this one ...
    • Added "save without exit" to the editor
    • Changed logo size to 50x80 for more working space
    • Edit window now in full width of the screen
    • removed the loginmessage popup. The login message can be found if pressing the debug button.
    • Username will be replaced by 'xxxxxx' for security reasons.
    • added a "refresh" button
    • added a "debug" button. If web2ftp is not working for your server please press the "debug" button and send us the full content of your directory
    • Optimized layout of the edit window.
    • More security of the script by checking subroutines.
    • Better download, fixed filenames, no more script errors if packing fails.
    • Download now as zip and tar.gz possible
    • added just a simple filter function. Enter a part of the filename like '.php'
    • ".." for "back" will be inserted now automatically if missing for some servers
    • First Beta of a move function. Select files and enter directory.
    • You can use '..' for moving one dir up in the tree. Be careful as it is not fully tested on different servers
    • update of the mainpages
    • download should now work with spaces in filename
    • fixed bug: download was not possible if ".." was selected
    • now more supported formats for uploading : *.zip, *.tar, *.tar.gz, *.tgz
    • added numbers for chmod
    • otimized zipping files and deleting, now more than 10 times faster
    • New Beta of the progress meter
    • New DES encryption of the password with private key (username) and public key.
    • First beta version of the upload progress meter
      Today we have updated to a new version of our Software. If you find some errors we will be happy if you send us a short message